Badminton experiences in Sydney

Social meet-ups are common, meet new friends while exercising together

Badminton is about more than just swinging a racquet at high speeds. You’re playing right next to your partner (assuming that it’s a doubles game) and that means that you’re regularly communicating with them. 

“I’ll cover the front, you cover the back”, “Nice work with that drop shot”, “Let’s hit the shuttle to that side next time”.

Badminton can be a very social sport, where games are played with satisfying intensity whilst entertaining good humour and conversation. Whether it’s from high-fiving your partner for a winning smash or encouraging them after a missed shot, small actions from the 21-point games can build friendships and camaraderie. 

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a professional, young or old, there are badminton groups dotted in suburbs throughout Sydney. They will often play during week nights or on weekends.

TJ Badminton Club

Founded in 2019 from a small group of mates who just wanted to play regularly together, TJ Badminton Club is now a larger social meet up with an average attendance of over 35 people. Every week on Sunday morning, the hosts pre-book courts at Roketto (a badminton centre in Lidcombe) and provide shuttlecocks. 

The crowd is generally younger (early career professionals and university students). The skill level ranges from absolute beginner to advanced. People are friendly and typically introduce each other before games are played.

If you’re interested to join TJ Badminton Club, send an email.

EZBOX Sports (Chippendale)

A hidden gem tucked away on a small street around 8-minutes’ walk from Central station, this is a renowned brand for badminton enthusiasts. EZBOX Sports is trusted, reliable, and offers a range of services to go along with their products. As a first-time badminton player, you can feel comfortable walking in with no gear and coming out with all the necessities. 

If you need to re-string your racquet, they do it inside the store (if it’s not busy, you may have the racquet back within the day). If your grip has worn out, they can replace it. There is a wide selection of products from suppliers including Yonex and Aeroplane, available via their online shop too.

The EZBOX Sports brand also caters to tennis and table tennis needs. Check-out their Chippendale shop in this TikTok video.