1. Firm hand-shake

It’s surprising the number of people who don’t realise that something so simple can deliver a major impression! Remember, you have to think from your potential employer’s point of view. They want to hire someone who will make smart decisions for the company. This requires a degree of confidence. Now, what impression will a weak hand-shake create? Not that physicality is the defining trait for applicants, but it helps when your grip is firm (not overpowering though!). Show your interviewer that you’re here to contribute your skills. 

2. Smile

We’re not talking about toothy grins that might actually come across as slightly creepy. An interviewer’s impression of you will be influenced by how you made them feel. Forgetting to smile, no matter how warm you are inside, can give a cold and unapproachable impression. Why would anyone want to work with someone like that?

3. Steady, not speedy

When answering your interview questions, it can be irresistible to regurgitate as many answers as you can. Maybe you have them memorised, and you think that you need to deliver them all. The reality is, any person can only remember three to five things at any given time. It’s important that you focus on your key points, and share them in a way that ensures understanding. You want your interviewer to be nodding as you reflect on your experiences. You certainly don’t want them to be feeling confused about what your message actually is.

4. Filler words

We all do it. Saying “Um” and “Ah” between words and phrases. It’s a natural instinct, especially when you can’t think of anything to say. That’s why they’re called “filler words”, they fill the silence. It can be a difficult change (as we are all so used to saying it!), but try to restrain yourself from using filler words. Prior to the interview, practise your answers and count the number of filler words used. During the interview, use as little as possible. They give an impression of uncertainty and lack of preparation.

5. Your knowledge of the company

If you’re so keen to work there, why would you not read as much as you can about the vision, events, values and strategy of the company? Slipping mentions of what has been happening shows the interviewer that you’re genuinely keen to invest your time and energy into your role. You’re there to be a part of the team and you actually care about the company’s growth. Prior to the interview, read the news! It can be a light-hearted conversation starter and who knows, it might even be the deciding factor to landing you the job.