Why soft skills is important when looking for a job

While employers in Australia will value your skill and experience in your discipline, they equally value the personality you bring to their team. Consider a situation where you have received top awards across all your university subjects. You apply for a job in Australia confidently expecting that you will ace your interview. During the interview, you’re asked: “How have you demonstrated leadership and clear communication?”.

This is a question asked often to gauge an applicant’s experience in soft skills. How have they collaborated with others in the past in order to achieve a common goal? How likely are they going to be a valuable addition to the company’s culture?

When applying for a job, anyone can communicate their credentials in a glorified manner. But when it comes to impressing your interviewer, it’s the impression you leave that will ultimately sway their decision. With your words, body language and tone, did you deliver a convincing impression that you will suit the role?

There is no hard and fast set of rules on how to perform in the soft skills arena. It simply takes practice with people and feedback. Honest feedback. It doesn’t matter that you were the dux of your high school, or the recipient of your University’s academic medal. If you can’t communicate your value to your interviewer in a personable way, they’re going to choose the next candidate.