Enjoy a cup of cappuccino at Cafe 58

Being usually a night owl, I am not accustomed to sitting in a cafe before 10am. On one of the rare days that this happened, it was a sunny morning and rays of sunshine were pleasantly filling the lobby of Crowne Plaza Darling Harbour. This hotel is part of the IHG portfolio, alongside brands like Intercontinental and Holiday Inn.

The dining floor of TWO 88 BAR & KITCHEN.

Cafe 58 bustles in the mornings.

The lobby shares the same gleaming, polished space as Cafe 58. This cafe is small and subtly located at a side entrance to Crowne Plaza Darling Harbour. While I was sitting comfortably on the chic couch, half-jotting into my notebook and half-watching business travellers checking-in from far-flung destinations, I realised that there’s a charm to mornings here. 

Crowne Plaza Darling Harbour is a short walk from Sydney’s entertaining Chinatown area.

TWO 88 BAR & KITCHEN is sophisticated and stylish

The sound of coffee being made has both awakening and reassuring qualities. I enjoy the repetition. Hearing the grinding of beans and the hissing of steam followed by the decisive thump of a cup being set on the counter, reminds me of the incessancy of life. Each day might have its wavelengths of happy relaxation highs or work-related lows, but there’s reassurance and realness to the clatter of cappuccino on saucer.

Start a fun night in Sydney CBD with a freshly shaken cocktail.

Crowne Plaza Darling Harbour shows a more playful side in its dining and drinks venue. TWO 88 BAR & KITCHEN is on the lower ground level, and is where you can start a night romantically wooing a date (or client). What’s attractive (other than your date) is a menu specialising in artisanal meats and cheeses, sliced fresh. Charming mains are stylishly presented, with ingredients sourced from the ocean or paddock. 

TWO 88 BAR & KITCHEN’s drinks offering cannot go unnoticed. Cocktails made from Australian botanicals are shaken behind a polished marble counter. If you’re a connoisseur of wine, you’ll relish the opportunity to savour the Australian and international vineyards represented.

Enjoy stylish dining at TWO 88.

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