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Sydney Local Guide - Edition 14

Kujira is a popular Japanese restaurant in Ashfield serving ramen, sushi, and plenty of small plates.

Where I visited

Enjoy this Sydney Local Guide edition, which features places in Ashfield, Central Sydney, and Haberfield. Got a question? Message me on Instagram.

Eternity Bar & Grill (Central Station, Grand Concourse)

If you are meeting a friend for a coffee or if you need somewhere to work quietly for two hours, Eternity Bar & Grill is a must-visit venue.

It’s located in Sydney’s biggest train station, on one side of the Grand Concourse. I love coming here whenever I have a gap of time between appointments in Sydney’s CBD. The baristas are prompt, after receiving my steaming cappucino I usually find a secluded table to be productive.

Working from Eternity Bar & Grill is interesting because of the travellers that visit, and the air of adventure awaiting. Central Station services passengers coming to & from cities like Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane!  

The cafe serves simple plates like Salt & Pepper Squid, sandwiches and Burger & Fries. You can order a glass from the wine list and sip it before a train whisks you away. 

Kujira Ashfield

I believe Kujira is the most popular Japanese restaurant in Ashfield. Most times I walked past on the way home, I saw people waiting outside. The interior feels like a home, featuring lanterns, cherry blossoms and traditional Japanese decor.

Kujira Ashfield specialises in ramen. The selection is dazzling! There’s Korean inspiration in the “Buta Kimchi Ramen”,  pork & chicken bone soup in the “Kujira Tonkotsu Ramen”, and crab-flavoured soup in the “Kani Miso Ramen”.

The Rice section is admirable too, with Donburi (normal rice) and Ochazuke (porridge) bowls infusing elements of other Asian cuisines. Check-out the “Pork Chashu XO Fried Rice”, or the “Mentaiko Ochazuke” – featuring pollack roe with green tea poured on top.

There are plenty of side dishes, with tempura, 2-piece sushi sets, gyoza dumplings, and Taiwanese-inspired “Gua Bao” buns all included in the pages of a thick menu. Although I was intrigued by the “Taco Karaage” (fried octopus), I chose the “Garlic Truffle Oil Edamame”.

The Rocks Cafe

I caught up with two friends at a heritage cafe in one of Sydney’s oldest areas, The Rocks. Did you know that you can walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge from here? I am charmed by the centuries-old buildings which evoke Australia’s colonial past. Full of cafes, bars and museums, The Rocks is a must-visit in any Sydney travel itinerary. Also, you are a 20-minute walk to Sydney Opera House.

The Rocks Cafe has pleasant al fresco dining, where you can watch curious-eyed tourists wander around with map in hand and camera around neck. I was happy with the warmth of service and the wide selection of food – they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

For a classic Australian dish, I’d recommend trying the Grilled Kangaroo Fillet. From my travels abroad, many people were surprised that this animal could be eaten!

Dobroyd Point, Iron Cove Bridge, and Haberfield Rowing Club

During May and June this year, I lived in Ashfield, located in Sydney’s inner-west. Yearning to get back on the running track after a lengthy stay in Seoul, I downloaded Strava so that I could build up my “visual exercise bank”. It’s satisfying to look back and see the days and distances I ran!

I’m grateful to my Airbnb housemate for introducing me to a running route which I replicated week after week! It brought me to Dobroyd Point, an historic part of Haberfield (a suburb bordering Ashfield). Running alongside the calm water of Iron Cove, a bay of Paramatta River, I saw locals enjoying coffee at Haberfield Rowing Club.

New Shanghai Night Ashfield

If you are searching for Shanghai food in Sydney, a restaurant in Ashfield will likely pop up. A stone’s throw from the train station, there are numerous Shanghainese restaurants within a 50-metre walk. I think it’s humourous that they are all interchangeably titled: “New Shanghai”, “Shanghai Night”, and “New Shanghai Night”.

My favourite Shanghainese restaurant in Ashfield is New Shanghai Night. In the 2nd picture, you will see “Cold Drunken Chicken”, “Duck Noodle Soup”, and “Beef Curry Rice”. In the 3rd picture, there is “Beef Tendon Mixed Noodle”, “King Prawn Laksa”, and Cold Pork Slices (which reminded me of “Dwaeji Gukbap” in Busan).

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