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Sydney Weekly Wrap Edition 10

The area at ICC Sydney next to Darling Square is a popular spot for street dancing.

In this week’s wrap-up, I introduce a dancing spot near Darling Harbour, a Chinese restaurant in Pyrmont, a haven for dumplings in Chatswood, and an artisanal sushi train restaurant in Newtown

If you’re thinking about your eye health, Eye Lab Optometry provides relatable tips on its social media and from its clinic in Bankstown. 

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Sushi Train Newtown

Led by Ken-san (the chef with the knife), this sushi train restaurant focuses on what matters, authentic and excellent Japanese food. Their heart for seafood is shown in a chalk-board which updates regularly with varieties of local fish. If you order sashimi, you will see it prepared with artisanal dedication, each cut a practice of precision.

If you’re visiting their restaurant in Newtown, I’d recommend asking if
Chutoro (medium fatty) and Otoro (fattiest) are available. They are the two most delicious and melt-in-mouth pieces you will find in a tuna fish. Stay up to date with Sushi Train Newtown via their Instagram page.

Eye Lab Optometry in Bankstown

You can never have too much foresight when it comes to planning medical appointments, especially when they’re about your vision. Eye Lab Optometry is a full service optical centre in Bankstown City Plaza, with experience in Myopia Control, Ocular Therapeutics and Orthokeratology. The team is young and driven to finding solutions that not only address optometry concerns, but take into account your particular lifestyle and needs.

Eye Lab Optometry is led by Dr. Theresa Bui. In a fun and educational way, Theresa shares eye health tips on TikTok too.

Northern Chinese Noodle Restaurant

Pyrmont has a leisurely pace of life, particularly in the part of Harris St that “Northern Chinese Noodle Restaurant” is situated in. I enjoyed sitting outside and savouring their hand-made dumplings, which can come steamed, boiled, or pan fried. If you’re looking for larger plates of rice, my recommendations are “Honey Chicken”, “Mapo Tofu”, or “Beef Stew with Potatoes”. For noodle soups, I found the “Special Braised Beef” bowl hearty.

Dancing area at International Convention Centre

I enjoy watching dance covers, especially when they’re by 1MILLION Dance Studio. Having taken a few classes at “Crossover Dance Studios” in Sydney Chinatown, I can attest to the challenge of rhythmically translating music into body movements that look expressive and groovy.

I enjoy walking past the area between two of the three buildings that make up “ICC Sydney“. It’s right opposite “Tumbalong Park“, next to the row of restaurants. Dancers of different stylistic backgrounds practise in front of large mirrors, and groups rehearse their renditions of popular songs. If you’re a budding dancer, these people seem friendly to chat to and could share a tip on how you can improve.

The Dumpling House

On the same level as Woolworths on the first (above the ticket gates of the train station) floor of “Chatswood Interchange”, “The Dumpling House” is a great spot for a quick meal at a reasonable price. Try their Xiao Long Bao (steamed pork dumplings); remember that there is hot broth filling inside so make sure you lift up the dumpling delicately! Their Pan-fried Pork Buns and their range of noodle soups are also delicious.

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