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Sydney Weekly Wrap Edition 11

It may look like a normal bistro or clubhouse, but the food at Coro·88 Burwood is a step above.

In this week’s wrap-up, I introduce a French-influenced fine diner in Glebe, an understated club restaurant in Burwood, a retro-themed Hong Kong eatery in Newtown, great-value Bento boxes in Sydney CBD, and a classic spot for Chinese food at Prince Trade Centre.

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Fine dining at "Carte"

It has been more than a year since I last visited “Carte”, a fine dining restaurant in Glebe that feels like an artist’s home. I caught up with Bing Liu, who is the head chef and mastermind behind each seasonal menu. The Dry-aged Free Range Duck remains, as influential as ever, in the degustation course. This dish represents Chef Liu’s French-trained culinary expertise, its sauce is a caramelised reduction of vinegar with stock from the bones of the duck!

The Hiramasa Sashimi with Shiso Vinaigratte and the Black Sesame Ice-cream with Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse were new dishes for me. Their exquisite presentation is right at home with Carte’s art gallery theme. The Glebe restaurant houses paintings from eminent Chinese-Australian artists and sculptures made by Bing himself. 

If you haven’t tried French cooking techniques applied to Japanese and Australian ingredients before, and you’re wanting to celebrate a romantic night with a special someone, Carte is a fine dining restaurant with a bespoke, intimate experience.

Watch our video at Carte here.


A new menu is launching at Coro·88 Burwood

Burwood’s finest bistro-style diner is about to get a whole lot more mouthwatering. “Coro·88” will be unveiling their new Autumn & Winter menu on 18 March 2024. It will feature seasonal twists on their classic menu, expanded steak options, and scrumptious winter dishes (as shown in the pictures). To pair with the new menu, Coro·88 has enhanced their wine list and set prices at affordable levels. If you’re more of a cocktail lover, Sunday is the best day to visit as a Happy Hour runs from 3pm to 7pm. There are over 100 cocktails to choose from, each costing $12.

I’d love to know your thoughts on Coro·88 if you visit. I found my visit to be a pleasant surprise. The location is opposite Burwood Park, a short walk from Burwood Westfield. Inside what you would expect to be a typical club with pokie machines and sport-playing televisions, you will also see an elegant bistro with pleasant seating and a comfortable ambience. The food is what gives Coro·88 its distinction: aside from pub classics like Chicken Parmagiana, you will find fusion dishes like Yuzu Glazed Kingfish, Hibachi Duck Grilled Breast, and Squid Ink Pasta. The prices, despite the “finer” ingredients, aren’t eye-wateringly high. 

"8:52 Hong Kong Restaurant" in Newtown

One of Newtown’s newest Hong Kong restaurants is also one of the most visually vibrant. Walk into a space where an arcade machine invites players, Cantonese pop stars adorn the wall, and the lucky colour of red decorates furniture. The name “8:52 Hong Kong Restaurant” is inspired by Hong Kong’s telephone territory code.

Newtown’s creativity and funkiness is blended into 8:52 Hong Kong, both in the restaurant’s neon street sign, interior, and cuisine. Savour a Cheesy Noodle with Roast Pork, spoon a Creamy Chicken Baked Rice, or pop a few curry fish balls into your mouth. Bite into a Mochi Pineapple Bun for a delightfully chewy texture or sink your knife into a buttery HK-style French toast. Wash the authentic Hong Kong food down with gulps of freshly brewed, Cha Caan Teng style milk tea.

Watch our experience on this link.

Healthy Bento Boxes at "UCHILOUNGE" on Clarence St

The main star of Clarence St’s favourite vegan and organic restaurant may have been the Tender Beef Rib Ramen, but it looks like times are changing at UCHILOUNGE. With a new set of Bento Boxes launching, officeworkers and residents around Wynyard have a delicious and cost-effective option for lunch.

The Bento Boxes at UCHILOUNGE come in 4 flavours: Aburi Salmon, Vegan Teriyaki, Organic Beef, or Chicken Karaage. In line with the Japanese restaurant’s style of cuisine, the Bento Boxes are health-conscious. The beef is organic, the chicken is hormone-free, and the salmon is chemical-free. Most astoundingly, they are less than $15 each! In this economy, that’s a mouthwateringly good price.

Chinese food next to Prince Trade Centre

If you are with a group of friends and you’re looking for an easygoing, casual place for dinner, the outdoor seating area outside “Prince Trade Centre” in Haymarket is a favourite gathering spot. Fed by a cluster of Chinese restaurants (and at times BYO alchohol), backpackers, locals, university students and officeworkers enjoy lively chatter in this part of Sydney Chinatown. 

I’d recommend trying dishes that are easy-to-share and hearty in flavour. These include: Fried Pork & Cabbage Dumplings, Yangzhou Fried Rice, Zhajiangmian (noodles with fried bean sauce), and Braised Eggplant

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