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Established in 2022, Level: Asian is a weekly podcast where entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers from an Asian-POC (person of colour) background share their experiences. The conversations are candid and engaging, with episodes discussing topics that many generational Australian-Asians can relate to.

High-striving guests have included Steve Hui (from iFLYflat), Emily Ung (from The Artistry) and Kevin La (a.k.a Sydney Food Boy). The podcasts are conducted in a casual, lounge setting where topics from the light-hearted to the more introspective and emotional are discussed. To many, there will be value in hearing from Asian-Australians who, on the road to achieving their success, have had to contend with struggles that many of us may have faced too. There are conversations about school bullying, Asian parent-child relationships, and climbing the corporate ladder as a female. To tune into all past episodes, visit the Level: Asian website here.

A night to hear stories from and connect to Asian-Australians

An inspiring and entertaining night

Last Thursday (27 April 2023) the podcast levelled up and hosted its first event at The Carter Sydney. Before the doors even opened at 6pm, eager ticket-holders waited outside the popular nightlife venue. Cameras flashed, Instagram Stories were uploaded, and excited chatter built in anticipation of the night.

International speaker, communications coach, and breathtaking magician Vinh Giang

The first part of the event was filled with buzzing energy and music from DJs. With scrumptious canapes floating around and drinks clinking, guests mingled across The Carter’s two floors. There were interactive stalls representing brands by Asian-Australian entrepreneurs, with highlights being charity haircuts by Ultrafade and live monogramming by Hugh and Hyde.

Soul of Chinatown runs Rice Fund, which connects and supports elderly Asian-Australians

Vinh Giang enthralls with mastery of communication and magic

The microphone called and soon everyone gathered on the top floor for the main proceedings. The Level: Asian team welcomed the night and introduced Soul of Chinatown, a non-profit organisation running the Rice Fund. Not long after, Vinh Giang was clapped onto the stage.

On his website’s front page, the words “inspirational, influential and insightful” describe this international keynote speaker. The chord he struck was in perfect harmony. Every word in Vinh’s intimate dialogue with the audience and every magic trick that he performed resonated with meaning. 

On a night celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of the Asian-Australian identity, Vinh raised goosebumps and stirred laughter with anecdotes. He shared about significant experiences from childhood to parenthood, and invited members from the audience to collaborate on stage. His magic performances not only thrilled, but taught us inpirational lessons in communication and pursuing our dreams. 

At the end of the night we felt uplifted, moved, and motivated towards achieving the highest level we can. You might even call it Level: Asian. 

Live haircuts and hairstyling from Ultrafade, an Asian-Australian-run salon based in Western Sydney

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