Most plates (excluding sashimi) are A$3.80

For those who are short of time and looking for a quick meal near Sydney’s Town Hall station, this eatery is a great choice. Tucked inside the large Event Cinemas complex on George Street, Sushi Rio is one of several shops of the same brand name. This one is the most affordable.

Chef making sushi with the “aburi” torching technique

You can order a variety of Japanese dishes by using a pencil to tick paper. Aside from the wide range of sushi and select sashimi, you can order hot food such as udon, tempura and chicken karaage. Classic Japanese side dishes like miso soup and octopus are available too.

The kids might prefer the handroll style of sushi

Conveniently close to Town Hall station

When you’re dining at the counter seats, it’s enjoyable to eat and watch the Sushi Rio chefs at work. Watch as they roll balls of rice in one hand while carefally maneuvering gleaming pieces of fish in the other. Kids will be fascinated by the bursts of flames from seafood being torched. The sushi comes speedily and is presented appealingly.

Chef preparing an ikura (salmon egg) gunkan (ship-style sushi)

For nigiri at Sushi Rio, we’d recommend the Aburi Scallops, Seared Squid, Kingfish, and Ikura (salmon roe). These are all bite-sized and may be a test of self-control if you find them too addicting 😉 The hand-rolls are satisfying too, but will require a bit more delicacy to eat (without causing a mess).

Sushi neatly presented. If you order two of one type, they put it on the same plate.

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It takes just a minute 🙏

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