A menu with Japanese cuisine that's plant-based, organic and gluten-free

Once upon a time in Surry Hills, pots and pans clattered in the kitchen of a busy Japanese eatery on Brisbane St. People came here not only for the joy of eating innovative food, but also to savour the artistic ambience.

You could sip a creative cocktail and relax with the lounge’s melodies pleasantly wafting through the air.

12 hrs slow cooked Beef Ribs at Uchi Lounge. They’re organic! 

The kitchen was daring. Restless with imagination, chefs would create healthy and seasonal dishes that kept customers in awe. Pioneering a vegan menu and the practice of adding no MSG, the cutting-edge practices of this eatery made it a local legend.

Not only did diners take note, it was a role model for future Japanese fusion cuisine in Australia.

Vegan tantan ramen with homemade creamy and punchy vege soup and tofu, shiitake & sesame mince. 

Uchi Lounge serves alternative and healthy food

With the passage of time and changes in the city, this legendary eatery has been gone for years but the nostalgia has remained. 

Seeing the current demand for healthy and alternative ways of eating, a possibility grew. With excitement and great respect to what made them special, the team at O’Uchi had been working to revive the local legend.

Uchi Lounge serves great value lunch bento sets.

No matter who you are and what your dietary preferences say, you should be able to enjoy a great meal. Like the old days in Surry Hills, O’Uchi want to lead the way with cutting-edge cooking. Dishes with meat, vegetables, ramen and seafood made organic and gluten-free.

In the hustle and bustle of Clarence Street, the legend’s doors have opened and the nostalgia is breaking. Welcoming diners in with heartfelt gratitude, UCHI LOUNGE is back.

For now, O’Uchi and Uchi Lounge are used interchangeably. O’Uchi is re-branding into the legend, Uchi Lounge 😎


Mixed Sashimi Carpaccio at Uchi Lounge, 5 minutes from Wynyard train station in Sydney CBD.

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