From a Japanese pine forest to your table

Currently, Matsusaka Backstreet has a special! Diners who choose their Premium buffet option on Mondays to Thursdays can add a plate of Matsutake mushroom and MB8+ wagyu beef.

For those who don’t know, Matsutake mushroom is considered a prestigious, high-status ingredient in Japan. It is unique for its pungent, earthy and spicy flavour. The texture is deliciously fibrous and meaty. The fungi grows in pine forests, and cannot be cultivated. This means that these mushrooms can only be found in the wild!

Matsutake mushrooms on wagyu beef

All-you-can-eat Sydney Japanese BBQ

Matsusaka Backstreet is a hidden gem for Japanese barbecue lovers. Located upstairs in an older building on 90 Hay St, it is well-loved for having over 50 different kind of dishes available for a buffet meal. Their prices start at $43.80 (Monday to Thursday). If you choose their Premium tier buffet ($73.80), you will have 100 different dishes to choose from.

A buffet menu serving ramen, sashimi, karaage, wagyu, pork belly and much more