Authentic food for your Seoul

In Strathfield and surrounding suburbs, it’s not hard to find a Korean restaurant. What impressed us about Hansang is that it doesn’t try too much on its appearance. The restaurant is tucked away, the interior is basic, and the service is polite. 

Rather, Hansang focuses on cooking quality dishes that you would find in a South Korean family home. Particularly eye-catching are the metal-containers occupying a big portion of the wall at the back. These are pressure-cookers which serve multigrain “Ogokbap” rice direct to your table.

Simple, home-style Korean food

Banchan and nourishing, simmering broth

“Banchan” describes the small dishes that often arrive prior to the main meal at a Korean restaurant. Our table received eight, with a variety of flavours and textures that whetted our appetite. 

We were curious about the large steel vats you can see right when you enter Hansang. Although we didn’t try it, the soup made inside simmers for a long time to create aromatic blends. We were fondly reminded of the soup and rice combination that Koreans enjoy eating for breakfast.

Nothing complicated or showy, just a delicious representation of Korean family dining