Enjoy noodles at these 6 Chinese restaurants around Civic Canberra

Beef brisket with egg noodles at Tak Kee Roast Inn

Noodles feature prominently in Chinese cuisine. The question is, which type of noodle do you prefer? They can be tossed in a wok, bathed in savoury broth, or mixed with sauce.

If you are searching for casual dining that won’t stretch your budget, Canberra’s CBD has no shortage of options. Here are six restaurants which we visited.  

Civic Asian Noodle House

They actually have a Thai background, but deserve a mention on this list because the laksa is similar to laksa served in many Chinese restaurants. The broth was rich in flavour and the “jumbo” serving size will most likely make you satisfyingly full. 

Dumpling King Canberra City

Subtly located near Super Emoji, Dumpling King is a relatively small restaurant. Within an affordable price range, you can order from a menu influenced by Northern Chinese cuisine. 

1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle

This brand will be familiar to foodies in Sydney, where there are five shops. You can choose from 7 types of noodles which are hand-made on site. The beef and soup are prepared with specialist care, along with tasty condiments.

Biang Biang

This popular chain of noodles has a restaurant suited for smaller groups. Biang Biang specialises in food from Shaanxi Province in China. The dry, sauce-based noodles are long, thick and wide. Grab your chopsticks and mix them with your bowl’s condiments.

Wild Panda

Located closer to Australian National University, Wild Panda is modern with an organised interior. Their tomato-based noodle soup with pork was rich in flavour.

Tak Kee Roast Inn

Although not technically in the Civic area, this Chinese restaurant is just a few light rail stops away. Well-known for being the first Chinese BBQ restaurant in the city, Tak Kee serves classic Hong Kong comfort food.