Looking for restaurants to visit in Sydney? We love following these 6 Instagram food bloggers

With the right food recommendations, life in any city is more enjoyable 😉 Pictured: Food at Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen

If you have just moved to Sydney, you probably have a long list of questions. Some of what we commonly hear are: “Where can I find a job?”, “Which places should I visit?”, and “How can I make new friends?”.

While settling in can take time, finding restaurants to visit doesn’t have to. We’re lucky that these 6 Instagram influencers engage their social media with helpful reviews. Please note that they are not introduced in any particular order.


We are a fan of Krystle’s descriptive captioning and clear lay-out of the menu items she orders.

Credits: krystle.eats


Adrian’s “Places in Sydney that you must Visit” consists of short, eye-catching videos which are creative, informative and at times, hilarious. 

Credits: adrianwidjy


We love Jess’ genuine and down-to-earth reviews of the food she tries!

Credits: _jreats


For mouthwatering photos and detailed introductions to a wide range of cuisines. 


Mick’s page is full of energy, with a limitless appetite (pun intended) for entertaining stories.

Credits: big_city_mick


Sara balances her curated food photography with thoughtful commentary on the dishes she tries. 

Credits: sixfootandsalty