Sip, chat and eat in Haymarket Sydney

This area is spoilt for options when it comes to dining out. Nearby cuisines include ThaiJapanese, Chinese, Malaysian … you name it and Haymarket probably has it.

Aside from bubbling pots of broth, Jackpot Hotpot brings plenty of style to the table. The restaurant is themed in a way that transports you into one of Macau’s glamorous casinos.

Entertain friends and family

Whilst waiting for your submerged ingredients to cook, look around and don’t worry about awkward silences. The interior presents a carnival of discussion topics. You can reminisce about television crushes when you see the Cantonese celebrity frames adorning the walls. You can also marvel at the crockery items resembling gambling chips. 

Or you can plain and simply, savour the silky smoothness and deep flavour of their hotpot soup. There are six types to choose from.

Jackpot Hotpot brings to Darling Square a novel dining setting, with quality food and polite service.