Lively atmosphere with creative food and drinks

Shinmachi has always been a haven for imaginative minds. If the team isn’t cooking an original recipe that combines flavours from different cultures (with an underlying Japanese influence), it is making pottery. 

The food you order at this Newtown Japanese restaurant is served in crockery that is made from scratch. Steaming ramen in artisan clay bowls, crispy tempura pieces in wavy earth plates, shiny sashimi pieces on a sculpted ice palace, the team is all about originality. 

Corn Tempura

From imagination to reality

The chefs at Shinmachi are encouraged to create dishes that not only look great, but taste delicious. Right from when you walk into the restaurant, you’ll appreciate a funky, authentic vibe to its atmosphere. A written sign sitting on top of a jumble of old beer vats welcomes you, followed by and enthusiastic “Irasshaimase!” by the team.

Get to know Shinmachi's autumn menu inclusions